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We are
Selkirk Signs

Placing the same quality and integrity in displaying your brand as you did in creating it

Why do we exist?

We’ve recognized that customizing, coordinating, and caring for your signage isn’t a commodity; it’s a partnership. We want you to win, and we know that when you win, we win. We’re here for a success story, YOUR success story, and we exist to build it with you.

How will we achieve this?

Communication, transparency, and keeping our promises. You need someone who can handle and scale your brand’s growth. We need someone who’s eager to refresh, update, and expand!

What we do

Provide you high quality signage, with industry-leading communication, all across Canada.

Who we are

We’re your branding/signage team, ready to serve and grow your business.
Selkirk Signs is Employee Owned

Building Our Success Stories

It was in 2016 when our owner, Hans Mehrle, decided he wanted a different way of creating a succession plan. Typical practice would dictate that he sell Selkirk Signs when his time was done, and leave the establishment in the hands of new ownership to handle as they desired. Thankfully, Hans was introduced to an ESOP (employee shared ownership program) group, and they proposed the ownership thinking approach towards the company’s future.

Hans and the leadership team worked tirelessly with the ESOP group to ensure the structure and government was in place to allow every employee the opportunity to become a company owner. Feasibility proposals, recommendation reports, company valuations, and blueprint finalization were all involved in helping Selkirk employees be able to own official shares in Selkirk’s growth. What started as a vision of our owner giving his team the chance to “buy in” on Selkirk now became an ESOP reality with its first share purchase made in 2017.

Now, we’re proud to have our annual share purchase, and mini-market, every year for new and existing employees to have the ability of claiming a stake in Selkirks’ future. We believe that our ESOP structure fully embodies our slogan of, “Building Your Success Story.”

Our History

Selkirk Signs has grown from a small family business to a leading company in the sign industry. Since 1984 we have been offering top quality signage across Canada, serving both regional and national organizations and businesses. With over three decades of experience providing quality products and services, Selkirk Signs has established strong customer loyalty. We foster an excellent team of professionals that are dedicated to our broad portfolio of quality signage solutions. We strive to ensure that your signage solutions are handled with care and executed to perfection.
Regardless of how large or small your project, we demonstrate a remarkable attention to detail, treating each project with professionalism and integrity. Selkirk Signs adheres to the highest quality standards. Over the years, we have expanded from a reputed signage manufacturer to a one stop shop for signage solutions. Having grown immensely in the field of sign design, manufacturing, installation, maintenance and repair, we offer a complete package with effective planning, execution and logistics.

Partner with us for goals-driven visual branding communications that add value to your overall marketing efforts.

Join our team

Selkirk Signs is one of the fastest growing Sign companies in western Canada and is always looking to add talented individuals to our team. Our team consists of 30+ year veterans to High school students looking for a summer job, we are a diverse group of people and we believe that is what makes us a great company. Our company utilize a wide range of disciplines from General Labourers, Welders, Painters, Vinyl Applicators, Custom Fabricators, Project Management, Salesman, Sign Service and Installers, Graphic Designers, 3D Modelers and a number of other positions.

At Selkirk, what makes us different as an employer is we believe our Team and the individuals that make up our team are our greatest asset. Our people are what makes Selkirk a great company to work for; the innovation, teamwork, can do attitude, and dedication to helping the customer succeed have made Selkirk a successful company for many years. Our Management Team mentors and coaches our staff and offers them the training and resources that they need to succeed.

Do you have what it takes to join our team and be the innovative force that continues to drive us forward?

If the answer is yes, apply today.

Start Building Your Success Story Today!

We're here to serve you. Your systems, your brand, and your growth. We believe that your story is continuing to be written, and that's something we're committed to building with you!
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