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Monument Signs

Now we are talking serious curb appeal. Monument signs are commonly erected at schools, commercial establishments, shopping centres, industrial properties, and other large scale developments that want to make a statement. They can be designed to make use of neighboring architectural elements and truly add to the landscapes around you. We can create monument signs using a wide range of materials from aluminum, stone, tile, brick, stucco, wood and many others. Selkirk Signs welcomes the possibility to guide you through your next monumental decision.

Similar to pylon signs monument signs are positioned close to roadways to identify a business and take advantage of traffic flow. The main difference between pylons and monument signs is they are generally smaller and have a lower profile to the ground. Monument signs may have more architectural elements to them and are often the choice for professional services.

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For more information on Monument Sign solutions from Selkirk Signs, get in touch with us today.

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