Custom sneeze guards

Open your business faster while protecting your customers & staff.

COVID-19 has changed the way we all do business and interact with our customers. Sneeze guards, or transparent barriers, have become a necessary product for many industries to help create a safe shield between front-line staff and customers.

In the early days of the Pandemic, many business owners and competitors took action and created temporary plastic barriers, these “DIY-style” guards allowed businesses to stay open but may not stand the test of time. We’ve developed our product line to offer a long term solution as we all adjust to our new normal.

Made in Canada - Shipped from Canada

Designed to fit your space

Our team will work with you to develop and install a barrier solution to fit your exact needs.

Built to last

We use high quality plastics, and our Custom Solutions come with a One Year Warranty.

Shipped to your door

Our barriers are packaged and shipped flat, to get them to you quickly and affordably.

Easy assembly

Many of our designs are intended to be assembled by the customer, with minimal tools and fasteners required.

Don’t Need a Custom Solution?

We have Standard Designs In Stock. With Next Day Shipping!

Key Features

• Multiple design options available, suitable for many different work surfaces
• Easy to install, most Standard Designs require no tools or hardware
• Packaged flat for easy shipping and storage
• Made in Canada

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We believe the same quality and integrity that went into creating your brand should be put into displaying it; from design and manufacturing, to installation and maintenance, we want to elevate your brand and get it noticed in the marketplace.

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