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A full range of proven corporate rebranding services

However strong your brand, the time will arrive when it needs some freshening up or adjustment. At Selkirk Signs, we have a proven ability to help companies rebrand successfully.

Corporate rebranding is often the best of all possible investments

Our full-service approach to corporate rebranding ensures your business will enjoy many benefits while avoiding the disruption and drawbacks that can otherwise arise. Our rebranding expertise covers everything from market-informed graphic design to detail-oriented, top-quality custom sign production. Choose Selkirk Signs for your corporate rebranding project and watch as your brand becomes more modern, recognizable, and compelling.
Rebranding does not need to mean starting over from the beginning. Even brands that dominate their markets eventually begin to seem dated, uninteresting, or unapproachable.

Whether your brand needs a few simple adjustments or a ground-up rethinking, our team at Selkirk Signs is ready to provide everything required. Some of the key factors as to why notable brands use Selkirk Signs' services are:
Brand modernization
Branding ages. Even some of the most recognizable icons on earth eventually need a slight refresh or alteration in order to become "new and improved" in the public's eye. A change in colour palette, font style, brandmark selection, or numerous other actions can re-garner attention.
Changes in ownership
Taking over a company often proves to be the perfect time to rebrand. A corporate brand overhaul can highlight the strengths and goals of a new owner while safeguarding the loyalty and goodwill of existing customers. When two successful brands merge, a rebranding effort that protects and combines the value built up in each will often produce spactacular returns on investment (ROI).
New marketing strategies
Markets evolve over time, and so do marketing approaches. Updating a brand to account for evolving market conditions or a fundamentally different strategy will help bring all the pieces together. Whether modest or profound, a corporate rebranding project can help any business compete more successfully in it's market.
Attracting attention and improving reputation
Rebranding is the perfect way to point out that your company has something new and special to offer. Our top-quality signs attract attention - even more so when they reflect a brand new or updated brand. Businesses also often find that strategic rebranding helps them overcome unfortunate setbacks in reputation. A fresh new brand signals that an entire company is ready to perform at a higher level.

Canada's leading corporate rebranding company

There are many good reasons to rebrand, and choosing Selkirk Signs ensures that your rebranding project will be a success. Unlike many other companies that produce custom signs, we always align our efforts with the business related goals that drive our clients' rebranding initiatives.

Our field-proven rebranding process has delivered outstanding results for companies all over Canada. That includes providing top-quality services like:


It takes skill, experience, and plenty of inspiration to re-imagine a brand successfully. Our graphic design experts turn our customers' ideas and hope into brands that stand the test of time. Whether you have some firm requirements in mind or are open to entirely new concepts, you will be impressed with how our designers operate.


Since we opened our doors in 1984, Selkirk Signs has been steadily raising the bar for custom sign manufacturing throughout Canada. Our decades of experience and deep commitment to quality combine with cutting-edge manufacturing equipment to produce signs that serve our corporate rebranding projects perfectly.


Translating approved brand designs into concrete plans is demanding, important work. Our in-house drafting team is the best in the business, and that means your signs will be as attractive and eye-catching as the designs they were based on. Our drafters bridge the gap between visual design and hands-on production so perfectly that we can aim higher than anyone else.


At Selkirk Signs, we are never satisfied until every last detail has been seen to. Our professional, highly trained installer network coordinates with our designers, drafters, and production techs to make sure that your rebranded signs will go up without a hitch or any avoidable disruption.
Our competitors often tackle corporate rebranding projects haphazardly, emphasizing certain parts of the process while neglecting others. At Selkirk Signs, we remain focused on the overarching goal at all times, and that allows us to deliver higher levels of service and product quality. Every person involved with each of our rebranding jobs always works towards the success of the project as a whole, and we are all proud of the results.

That goal-directed approach to rebranding has already served many Canadian companies well. Contact us now to learn more about how Selkirk Signs can help your company become even more successful with the help of a corporate rebranding initiative.

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We believe the same quality and integrity that went into creating your brand should be put into displaying it; from design and manufacturing, to installation and maintenance, we want to elevate your brand and get it noticed in the marketplace.

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