Kal Tire

What does a company do when it needs new signage for 131 stores across Canada?

They call a professional sign company that's able to handle every aspect of a corporate rebrand in a timely manner. That's why Kal Tire hired Selkirk Signs when faced with that exact situation.
Over a 16 month period, our design, project management, and manufacturing teams provided Kal Tire with a complete sign rebrand package for 131 locations across Canada.

We spent six months working with Kal Tire to develop their new channel letter design, as well as pylon and fascia signage.

That was followed by an additional 10 months of manufacturing, setting up permits, handling logistics, and completing installation.

Capabilities Used

Project Management
Design & Drafting
Sign Installation
Repair & Maintenance
We believe the same quality and integrity that went into creating your brand should be put into displaying it; from design and manufacturing, to installation and maintenance, we want to elevate your brand and get it noticed in the marketplace.

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