At Selkirk Signs, we take pride in assisting you to elevate your brand. Over the years, we have witnessed some confusion around signage, most of the uncertainty is how companies build that “emotional” bond with their sign through the use of colour psychology. Do you want to intentionally build new connections with your audience? Let us show you how. Recent studies have shown that primary Colour Psychology in Braincolours on a sign extract emotions with the readers, especially when it is effectively linked with a conscious message.

Have a think about this for a second. Your friendly local doctor, usually enters the room wearing a white or blue garment, this is because it conveys to us a certain message. Now imagine if they walked in wearing prison orange clothing. It may become a challenge to be taken seriously and to be perceived as someone who is there to help you.

Well, this same colour psychology, should be applied when considering your advertising. Think about the impact you are trying to have when you are constructing your advertisements. Do you want to be the friendly family doctor or the prisoner wearing an orange jumpsuit? Have we confused you more now and left you wondering what colours I should be using? Here are some positive ways to add bursts of colour to your campaigns.


Even though these colours may conflict with your brand colour scheme, red and orange have been known to stand out, red more so as people identify this colour with a stop sign. Now you have the readers attention, ensure you have content that will create a call to action. We will give you more info about content creation in another article soon to be released.


Want to be trusted? Blue

Want to be considered optimistic? Yellow will help you here.

Talking growth and health? Green is the way to go

If you are not sure, a balanced calm message may be best, and we would suggest using a shade of grey to keep it neutral.

Contact our Digital Sign Specialists today to talk all things colour. See more about sign designs here.

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