The looming question… Is all signage equally durable?

It’s natural to want to know the estimated lifespan of your investment, and what you can do to maximize its longevity. There are so many factors to consider. We’ll try and outline a few of them to help you gain some clarity on what makes a sign durable.

Location plays a huge role in longevity. A sign at your reception desk, sheltered from the elements will easily stand strong against the tests of time. Those that face the natural wear and tear of weather, however – rely on the most durable materials the sign industry can offer.

Durable Printed Window and Door Graphics

The first step in long lasting signs is to work with a signage company that understands the benefits of different materials, and which will work best for you. Selkirk Signs is proud of our extensive product line, and knowledgeable staff. In combination, they will help ensure your greatest understanding of all our best practices and the reasons behind them.

While no one can guarantee the definitive life span of a sign, we will give an idea of what to expect from your signs. Let’s take a look at both indoor and outdoor signs, and material options for both.

Interior Signs

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With interior signs, the largest factor to consider in terms of longevity is not material… but rather design and content. It is usually the information on the sign, the colours or the era of the design that will expire long before the material does! Consider sectioning prints, or having individual cut letters applied to your sign to make for inexpensive, and quick changeovers.

Expanded PVC, Acrylic, and Aluminum composite are lightweight, versatile materials that can be cut into nearly any size or shape. Applied graphics or paint and you’ll have yourself an irresistible sign! Visit us today for more examples or ideas for interior signage.

Exterior Signs

Exterior signs have to endure much more, as they need to stand up against sun, rain, wind, snow and continual fluctuations in temperature! It is best to call one of our educated sales representatives to enquire about signage to fit your need based on location and price point. The variety of choice is enormous, and we ensure your understanding of longevity with each sign type we offer.

Canco Sign Board Design

Looking for Long Lasting Signs?
We live in Canada… and from coast to coast, we understand the turmoil our signs face. Durability is of great importance to us, and we won’t send you out the door with anything less than Canadian quality.

The signage industry is constantly evolving. Selkirk Signs is following this evolution and we guarantee that we’ve got the most reliable innovation in the area. New products and materials are coming to market that excite us with possibility! We are continually working with our suppliers to make sure we can offer our clients the most up to date and durable material options and technology.

We look forward to working with you! Give us a call at 1-866-426-8131, request a quote, or come in and say hi!

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