Sometimes when considering a Sign for your business, it is important to understand a little bit (or sometimes a lot) about the manufacturing process involved. Signs are our life and while we understand not everyone shares the same hobbies, we wanted to provide you with some information on Channel Letters so that when you are driving around seeing these signs, you can be educated instead of left in the dark.

A standard Channel Letter is a three dimensional sign most often made of aluminum. This material does not rust, which is why the letters can last for decades with proper care. (Stay tuned for a future blog post where we will explain how to care for Channel Letters). The material for the faces and backs are loaded onto our CNC Router and the computer guides the machine on where to cut. The sides of the channel letters are then formed by bending strips of aluminum by our CNC Channel Bender. One the letters have been assembled they are now ready to be painted and fitted with the lighting components (LEDs).

We have many different ways to customize the look of your Channel letter. We can expose the lights to provide a retro look, direct the lighting to the back to create a “halo” effect or simply have each letter individually brightly lit inside.

Now you have a further understanding of how Channel Letters are made, request a quote or give us a call anytime 1-866-426-8131.

Kal Tire Channel Letters
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