On October 23 rd the Alberta Sign Association held its AGM in Edmonton where Mike Giroux, the General Manager of Selkirk Signs Calgary was announced as the next ASA President. Mike succeeds past presidents Tim Pedrick of Hi Signs and Perry Brooks of Advantage Signs, both from Edmonton. Our own President, Hans Mehrle was also in attendance to support Mike as he accepted this very important role.

Mike is looking forward to contributing to the continued success of the ASA and its many initiatives including;

The ECTP Training Program
The ASA Scholarship Fund
The Edmonton Engineering Manual
The ASA Tradeshows held in both Calgary and Edmonton
The ASA Golf Tournaments
The Edmonton Sign Museum
These are all shining examples of what makes the ASA such a unique and prosperous association, and in his acceptance Mike has encouraged all ASA members to become more involved:

My Voice Message IconI Encouraged you all to visit www.albertasigns.com/myvoice and let the ASA Board of Directors hear your voice so that we can all move our association forward as leaders in our industry.”

It is clear that Mike is determined to engage the ASA membership and welcomes their valuable input.

We wish Mike all the best in this exciting role, and look forward to seeing the positive impact he will have as President of the Alberta Sign Association.

To learn more about the Alberta Sign Association, click here.

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