In our ever changing world, embracing culture is critical. Whether it be a new country or a new workplace – we are offered the opportunity to adjust to a new way of thinking. Selkirk has created a lot of change over the last number of years, and we’ve introduced a strong culture of our own. We’d like to shine some light on one area in particular that really makes us stand out.

Safety is a very high priority for us, and we don’t say that lightly! We go above the standards that are required, and our staff have traveled outside of the province to attain certificates that are not offered in BC. We’ve also acquired certificates in first aid, fall arrest, and operational certificates for our equipment. This allows us to hold our heads high knowing we have some of the most quality-trained staff in the business.

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In addition to the above mentioned credentials, our Alberta office has attained a COR [Certificate of Recognition]. This certificate is proof that we as a company are welcoming safety into our work lifestyle. It is built of absolute diligence in maintaining the safety of our environment, practices, equipment and most importantly our people and customers. It is acquired only through the highest level of standards. This is above WCB and provincial requirements.

As a company we take on this safety culture like each one of us is awarded a prize for our commitment. It is important to have our employees feel like they have a hand in making this company great, because they do! The pride of that feeling exudes from our buildings and into each sign we install.

Not only is safety a benefit for the people of Selkirk Signs, but to our customers as well. Whether your project is large, or small: Be confident when working with us. You’re in trusted hands!

As always: Give us a call at 1-866-426-8131, request a quote, or come in and say hi!

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