How it’s made… We all can see the beauty and complexity of the finished product, but seldom do we know how it all works. Signage is often like this. Each sign goes through many stages and is touched by a number of professionals along the way. This blog, we would like to feature our print and graphics department, and give you a little insiders look of how we do it!

Before getting into the current technology, we’d like to take you on a little trip to the past. Where long before graphic design software, vinyl, and high tech cutting equipment – there were people called Sign Painters. Sign painting is literally that: Hand painting on buildings, billboards, vehicles and more. The same outcome that we use precise cut vinyl and prints for today. Sign painting was a learned craft with a long history. Artisans would gain the title of Sign Painter through apprenticeship, but many were self-taught. This art has nearly been put to rest, but we tip our hats to those who painstakingly hand-lettered signs for many years. We will continue to apply our graphics with only a few ounces of pressure and a very brief timeline… Not that we’re bragging!

Vinyl Printing Sign Rolls

Now here we are in 2016 with technologies, art diplomas, and a plethora of different medias and materials to keep up to both demanding weather and design requests! Our graphics department has proven time and time again that the capabilities of their skills know no bounds! We’ve applied to plastics of all kinds and thicknesses, interior and exterior windows, vehicles of all makes and models, and even things like sea-cans and snowmobile panels.

What makes our team so great is their technique, patience, and of course skill. Below are captioned photos of a few of our common processes and the operating equipment that we use to make it all happen.

Graphics and Print Sign

Wide Format Printing: Colour match > Print > Laminate

Graphics and Print in Green

Vinyl Cutting: Computer generated designs are sent to, and precisely cut out by, a ‘plotter’ Pieces are then removed by hand through a process known as ‘weeding’

Print and Graphics

Flatbed Application: Applying sheet sized graphics with consistent rolled pressure

Print and Graphics Process

Manual Application: Applying sheet sized graphics with water and pressure by hand

What’s more to our process, and the largest factor to our success, is our people! They are some of the most personable and driven folks we could ask for. Come by and meet the team, or if you see them out in town give them a high five! Chances are, you’ve walked into a business that these people have had part in.

Graphics and Print Team

Our graphics and print team

As always – If you like what you see, or if we’ve inspired you to work with us:
Give us a call 1-866-426-8131 or request a quote any time.

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