This month we’re giving a feature to our Industry Favorite!

We’ve spent some time gathering opinions from many departments within all three of our offices. The result was almost unanimously for this one variety of sign… Can you guess which it is?

Mentioned most often as being elegant, versatile, and impressive – I have to personally agree with these words, and reveal that the most admired sign we build is the: Acrylic Push-Thru. Typically built out of 3/4” clear acrylic, these shapes and letters can be routed out as thin as 1/4”. The faces of the push-thru are usually topped with a translucent vinyl of any colour variety, and sometimes even a custom print.

Metal Smiths Detail One
Rella Sign Board Close View
Metal Smiths Detail Two
Rella Close Night View

The most show stopping feature of these signs is easily their illuminated display. Once lit, these signs become angelic. Most often pushed thru an aluminum backer, the meticulously painted finish around these letters captures a great glow. Voted most impressive and displaying highest quality, each client that we’ve delivered these signs to has the same things to say – and then some!

Leanne Goddard Close Image
Summit Side Radio Sign Board
Leanne Detail Sign Board
Summit Front Side Night

A little history on Selkirk Signs’ Push Thru evolution…
Production started to experiment with them in 2013 when a request came to us from one of our corporate clients. We produced for them, but wanted to explore the Push Thru further. In 2014 we purchased our new AXYZ router, and perfection was achieved! The edge clarity was brilliant and for these reasons and more – we boast the quality and sophistication of the Push Thru to this day.

Interior or exterior, these signs look great in all applications. The quality of these signs only becomes more impressive the closer you get to them. We have mounted push thru signage at eye level and also far overhead, they are drawing at either distance.

To find more photos of this sign type, visit our product section of our website here.

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