For most of us, January means goals: A strong determination put forth to make change. So how do we stay consistent and make that change permanent? Let Selkirk Signs inspire you.

Our Senior Leadership Team have always had big goals for this company. They will continue to be successful in these goals because they invite every person within these walls to support them. That’s when goals have their most force, and we are strongest when we stand together. Selkirk has always valued its employees, they always have opportunity to voice their opinions. Why is this valuable? It takes every piece of the puzzle to make a picture.

So what does that mean for you, our customer? You are why we are here, and gaining your satisfaction is our greatest asset. Signage purchased from us will be the first thing your customers see. We will make sure your sign displays the quality your company offers. In turn, it does the same for us!
Have a look at our products to see what we can do for you!

Carls Burger Sign Board

Over the last number of years we at Selkirk Signs have gone through countless improvements, but our goal has remained the same. Innovation, Quality, Customer Service… These are just a few words fueling us forward. Our head office has been brought to life inside and out with renovations. Our web presence matches the quality of our work. Most importantly, our employees are empowered. We all are here representing care and pride, and it shows through in the details.

Carls Sign Board with Logo

This is a local success story about a company who is not hindered by obstacles, it is encouraged. We make a promise in our triumph that we will continue to research the newest and best equipment, material, and processes to serve you at the absolute highest degree. Here’s to another great year!

“Together we can achieve standards that others can only dream of.” – Hans Mehrle

Like what you hear? Come be a part of our dream! Give us a call 1-866-426-8131 or request a quote.

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