What’s Behind the Sign

We’re often asked to look past what is seen on the outside, to appreciate the work and the dedication it’s taken to get something to its final point. This concept­ applies to signage as well!

If you’ve purchased signage for your business, you are aware of the steps taken in between request and delivery. If you haven’t yet purchased a sign but have been overwhelmed by the steps needed to get your sign on your building… We’re here to help.

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Let’s look at some frequent steps of purchasing a sign.

  1. Creating an established vision/brand for your business.
    If your business is fresh to the market, or you want a re-work to your logo – Selkirk Signs has a talented team of designers to aid in the creation or continued appearance of your brand.
  2. Investigation of desire.
    What kind of sign are you looking for? Will it be indoors, or outdoors? How about illumination? Our Project Management and Sales teams will ask you these questions and many more to help determine what kind of sign is best for you, your business, and your budget.
  3. We come to your business.
    Upon your interest in working with us, we will survey your desired sign location. These include but are not limited to – building fronts, building interiors or blueprints for future development, etc. We will collect photos, current electrical information, and accurate dimensions of usable space.
  4. Sign education!
    Once we’ve figured out what you’re looking for we will help you understand what we have recommended. Explain how your sign will work, what materials it will be made of, and why this sign will be most beneficial to your business.
  5. Accurate rendition of final outcome.
    Our creative design department now takes all of this information to produce artwork for both production and final visual estimate.
  6. You approve!
    Sign looks great, it works for the building/business and its completion will be within your budget! Our Project Managers have ensured you that this sign will be approved by your city of residence, they’ve guaranteed that it will be CSA Approved, and most importantly – that YOU will be thrilled with your new sign.
  7. Manufacturing from beginning to end.
    We produce our signs in-house to achieve the highest grade of quality we can offer. Your sign will be built and tested within our walls and we stand behind our work with pride.
  8. Install and service.
    Our job isn’t done yet! Once your sign is completed we offer to install it for you. This is anything from a 30’ high freestanding sign, complex direct mount channel letters and all the way to window graphics for your truck or storefront. Visit our Service page to learn more and for contact information.

To quote our local sales manager:

We will investigate each customer case to ensure every sign we sell is a perfect fit for their needs.

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Canadian Standards Association LogoTrust assured that any signage produced and installed by us has met the highest standards for safety & performance.

Contact one of our Project Managers today to get your dream in motion! We look forward to working with you.
Give us a call at 1-866-426-8131, request a quote, or come in and say hi!

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