We understand that choosing a sign for your business can be daunting. With so many options, terms, applications and installation methods… Where do you start? With questions of course! While trying to stay modest, we proudly say that we can answer all those questions for you. We are experts in our industry, offering all our clients sign education and even a tour if you’d like to get close and personal into our world. Come by or call any time and speak with our sales team about signage.

With speak of open education – we’ve taught you a bit about Channel Letters in previous blogs, and we’d like to focus this one on a very different signage type: Moulded faces. These dimension-pushing signs offer incredible depth and shape compared to a traditional flat face. They start with a wood mould and through a process called Thermoforming, heat is applied to the once flat plastic face to take on the shape of the mould.

Mould Process Combo Signs

Selkirk Signs has a moulding oven in house. It has its own space in our back shop and is in fact the largest in Western Canada. To give you a sense of scale, it is capable of producing sign faces at a tremendous 8′ by 10′. We’ve created moulded signs up to 7 layers deep! If you want to see some of these moulded faces in real application – Certain gas station and convenience store faces are moulded. Take notice next time you grab a slushy or fuel up!

We can create a mould of any custom shape to fit your business. We provide the forming process and the colour application… Your job is kept within our walls and we are with you for support through the entire process. Below is Runners RV here in Cranbrook BC. Like what you see? Give us a call 1-866-426-8131 or request a quote.

Runners full Sign Board

Moulded pylon face

Runners Detail Signs Selkirk

Mould detail

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