Since the beginning of human history, people have been trying to decipher signs. Whether it be in the stars, in tarot cards, or on a busy street driving at rapid speeds. How did we get from painting and carving wood, to a digital bombardment of flashy LEDs?

Let us briefly explore the evolution of signage. We’ll go back to a time where signs were introduced to differentiate people practicing the same trade. With the help of painting, woodworking, and blacksmiths – We have the creation of storefront signage! And as humans: The bigger the better theory became rampant. This created a huge problem for their narrow streets. pun intended. But hey, there was no confusion of where to go and what service you’d receive. Size and intricacy are what made signs recognizable both then, and now.

Old Signage Selkirk Signs
Gutenberg Press Selkirk Sign

Then the Printing Revolution made signs more attainable through the first printing press! This invention made both books and signage available to people who otherwise wouldn’t have the opportunity. The cost was dramatically decreased and every tradesman could have a sign of their very own.

More human nature was at work, and the “what else can we do to get people’s attention?” question was asked by many. Then at long last we have light! The creation of neon, fluorescent tubing, and LEDs made signs very close to where we are today. We still use many forms of illumination, some examples are below.

Lighting on Sign Boards

Now we see ourselves in a day where static signage, no matter how creative & large – can still be at a second glance next to an electronic message center. Have a look below…

Digital Signs on Screens

Did you notice the Marriott Hotel signage? …neither did we. They have an awning, a double sided flag mount sign, AND a set of channel letters. Maybe they should have purchased an EMC instead.

Intrigued? Pop by our EMC page to get more details on where signage evolution can take you.
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