The owners of Selkirk Signs have always worked to inspire care and pride in the workplace.

With that – we’ve grown into a ‘we’ company, and house the words family and passion in these Selkirk walls.
Our evolution as a company continues, and our expansion of offices and devoted employees has brought on many opportunities. One that we are most excited to announce is an Employee Share Ownership Plan, better known as ESOP.

Three Images of Employees

Head office celebrating the initial sale of company shares

This allows every full time employee the gracious chance to financially involve themselves in the company’s success. Paired with an organizational philosophy called Ownership Thinking, we’re putting our best feet forward and driving this company to stand toe to toe with other industry leaders. PCL Construction and WestJet are a few Canadian companies that have switched over to employee ownership models.

This success plan not only benefits the employees, but also the owners. By instilling ESOP and Ownership Thinking, they can be confident in knowing the legacy of their company will be carried on proudly.

“I found that the ESOP concept was one of the most natural ways of succession planning because everybody wins. The employees, company, and owners alike.” – Hans Mehrle, President

Selkirk Company Group Photo

We at Selkirk Signs are very excited about this continued evolution, and hope we can inspire forward momentum both inside and outside of these walls! Expect 2017 to be a ground-breaking year, and look forward to the positive impact ESOP will have on both employees and customers. To read our full press release, click here: ESOP

Or reach out to us at any time: 1-866-426-8131

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