Don’t let the colour of your building determine the colour of your sign. If you have a light coloured building, we get it, you want a dark colour sign so it stands out. What happens when the sun goes down and it becomes dark though? Dark colours, even when light is added, don’t stand out very well, especially to traffic zooming by. Wouldn’t it be nice to have your sign WHITE so it becomes visible? That is impossible you may say ! Not at Selkirk Signs. We have perforated vinyls available that will successfully portray two very different looks. When the sun is up and it is light outside, all you see is the colour of the vinyl you chose. More often than not, people choose black. However, come nighttime when the LEDs in your letters are illuminated, the vinyl on the face of your letters disappears and all you will see is the white light! Magic! This Ritchie Bros. channel letter sign that we recently completed is a great example. So, keep this vinyl in mind when planning for your next sign. We don’t believe in magicians not revealing their secrets, so give us a call and we would be happy to dicuss this magic vinyl with you more! Contact us today.

Day Night Vinyl Signs
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