Project Management


Selkirk Signs has an excellent project management team in place to accommodate all your needs.  To ensure effective planning and perfect execution for signage solutions, we offer a wide range of project management services.

Strategic planning: We start by laying a strong foundation for successful implementation and help you make important decisions on factors including schedule, budget, objectives, logistics etc.

Survey of facilities: Proper implementation of your signage is possible after a thorough understanding and analysis of the existing site.

Recommendations for new signs: We gather architectural drawings and surveys to find the best fit of signage between your budget, recommended safety codes and restrictions.

Implementation: We coordinate manufacturing, delivery, installation of all client signage and oversee vendor activities.

Cost control: We reduce expenses by controlling costs through competitive bidding, quality control inspections, cost effective design, vendor invoice review and inventory control.

Quality assurance and control: We closely monitor manufacturing and installation to ensure high quality standards and compliance to specifications and regulations.

Maintenance: To maintain your business’ image, we offer regular maintenance services as well as emergency repairs.

For more information on Project Management solutions from Selkirk Signs, get in touch with us today.