Channel Letters


Mid Town CO-OP-8997Channel letters add an element of depth to your signs.  They can be made from aluminum sheet metal and both acrylic and polycarbonate plastics.  These signs are typically manufactured through the use of a CNC router to cut the backs and the faces and a CNC bending machine to create the sides.  L.E.D’s can be added for illumination and to make the signs more visible at night.


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 Front lit is the standard in channel letters and are the most common type of channel letters.  They’re illuminated from the front (or face) of the letters and can be mounted on a raceway or direct mounted to the building.  Your imagination is your only limitation when it comes to these letters as we have the ability to work with almost any style and colour combination in our custom manufacturing shop.

We have the expertise to work with any font or modifying it to work with your design.  Our standard usually consist of 3.5” or 5” return, L.E.D’s and a polycarbonate face with 1” trim cap returns on the face.  We do have the ability, through painting and vinyl, to create custom colours that will really make your signage come to life.



Shawnessy CO-OP-8821

Back lit channel letters, sometimes known as “halo lit” are used by signage clients that are seeking a glamorous image.  These channel letters are manufactured with all aluminum faces and returns; they’re mounted set off from the wall.  This allows light to be transmitted behind the letter creating a halo like illumination.  A polycarbonate back allows light through but keeps unwanted wild life from making it home.



Front & Back Lit Channel Letter signs combines all of the illumination elements to create very unique signage.  There are a multitude of options with L.E.D colour combinations for both front and back lighting to really outshine your competition.  Allow us to help make your signage dreams become reality.


Crown Paint-9060

Raceway mount

Raceway mounted channel letters allow for ease of installation and minimize the amount of mounting holes to the exterior of your building.  They can be painted to match your existing wall colour or be created in a away to accent your design and stand out, the choice is yours.

Shawnessy CO-OP-8743


Direct mount

Direct mounting of channel letters has a prestigious feel to it and can be done in such a way that it appears to be or is planned into the overall architecture of the building.  Direct mount channel letters truly add a level of sophistication to your signage solutions.


Cabinet mount

Cabinet mount channel letters are very versatile; they have the ability to add contrast to your logo by the colour that they are painted which allows you to have maximum impact at distance.  They are also a great solution for covering up damaged walls or colour fade on the exterior of your building from previous signage without having to add the expensive cost of exterior renovations.  When it comes to ease of installation and versatility you cannot beat cabinet mount channel letters.


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