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3 Reasons Why Professional Signage is Your Best Advantage

Signage is a vital part of your business identity,

and a great deal of your success is dependent on the physical appearance of your building front. It’s the first thing that your customers will see, and form a judgment on. Is your sign displaying the quality your company offers?

If you answered YES to this, you’re in great shape!
We’re going to outline a few reasons why professionalism in your signage is such a huge contributor to your success.


Your brand represents your quality, and you’ve put pride into your logo design to speak volumes of what you offer. Your website, business cards, and letterheads all house this logo. When it comes to a store front, billboard, or vehicle wrap – this is your chance to shine! The audience to this is not only those directly seeking your business, but also a world of potential clients!

Applause Hotel channel letters


Professional signage options are nearly limitless! So many different avenues to explore to best represent your business. Considering a billboard? Professional signage from Selkirk Signs will ensure its longevity and effectiveness, you don’t want your logo looking like a wrinkly sheet stapled to some particle board. Trust us to represent your brand as strongly as you would. How about a vehicle wrap? A logo on a back window, phone number and business address are useful – but nothing draws attention quite like a prestigious design to cover your entire vehicle. Selkirk designs, prints, and installs these in house to ensure quality from start to finish.
Interested in hearing more? See our wide range of products here.

Rella Paolini Rogers


We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again:

“The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten”

vehicle wrap  vehicle wrap

Selkirk Signs is an advocate for quality, we make every effort to ensure what we offer you is the same as what we’d use for ourselves. The signage industry is constantly evolving, and we guarantee that we’ve got the most reliable innovation in the area. We are continually working with our suppliers to make sure we can offer our clients the best quality tested signage on the market.

We look forward to hearing about your business goals! Give us a call at 1-866-426-8131, request a quote, or come in and say hi!

What Makes a Sign Durable

The looming question… Is all signage equally durable?

It’s natural to want to know the estimated lifespan of your investment, and what you can do to maximize its longevity. There are so many factors to consider. We’ll try and outline a few of them to help you gain some clarity on what makes a sign durable.

Location plays a huge role in longevity. A sign at your reception desk, sheltered from the elements will easily stand strong against the tests of time. Those that face the natural wear and tear of weather, however – rely on the most durable materials the sign industry can offer.

Window graphics
Printed Window Graphics

The first step in long lasting signs is to work with a signage company that understands the benefits of different materials, and which will work best for you. Selkirk Signs is proud of our extensive product line, and knowledgeable staff. In combination, they will help ensure your greatest understanding of all our best practices and the reasons behind them.

While no one can guarantee the definitive life span of a sign, we will give an idea of what to expect from your signs. Let’s take a look at both indoor and outdoor signs, and material options for both.

Interior Signs

Interior Sign Blades
Sign Blades with Vinyl Decals

With interior signs, the largest factor to consider in terms of longevity is not material… but rather design and content. It is usually the information on the sign, the colours or the era of the design that will expire long before the material does! Consider sectioning prints, or having individual cut letters applied to your sign to make for inexpensive, and quick changeovers.

Expanded PVC, Acrylic, and Aluminum composite are lightweight, versatile materials that can be cut into nearly any size or shape. Applied graphics or paint and you’ll have yourself an irresistible sign! Visit us today for more examples or ideas for interior signage.

Exterior Signs

Exterior signs have to endure much more, as they need to stand up against sun, rain, wind, snow and continual fluctuations in temperature! It is best to call one of our educated sales representatives to enquire about signage to fit your need based on location and price point. The variety of choice is enormous, and we ensure your understanding of longevity with each sign type we offer.

Custom Channel Letters
Custom Channel Letters

Looking for Long Lasting Signs?

We live in Canada… and from coast to coast, we understand the turmoil our signs face. Durability is of great importance to us, and we won’t send you out the door with anything less than Canadian quality.

The signage industry is constantly evolving. Selkirk Signs is following this evolution and we guarantee that we’ve got the most reliable innovation in the area. New products and materials are coming to market that excite us with possibility! We are continually working with our suppliers to make sure we can offer our clients the most up to date and durable material options and technology.

We look forward to working with you! Give us a call at 1-866-426-8131, request a quote, or come in and say hi!

Our Industry Favorite

This month we’re giving a feature to our Industry Favorite!

We’ve spent some time gathering opinions from many departments within all three of our offices. The result was almost unanimously for this one variety of sign… Can you guess which it is?

Mentioned most often as being elegant, versatile, and impressive – I have to personally agree with these words, and reveal that the most admired sign we build is the: Acrylic Push-Thru. Typically built out of 3/4” clear acrylic, these shapes and letters can be routed out as thin as 1/4”. The faces of the push-thru are usually topped with a translucent vinyl of any colour variety, and sometimes even a custom print.

Metalsmiths Sterling Metalsmiths Sterling
Rella Paolini Rogers Rella Paolini Rogers

The most show stopping feature of these signs is easily their illuminated display. Once lit, these signs become angelic. Most often pushed thru an aluminum backer, the meticulously painted finish around these letters captures a great glow. Voted most impressive and displaying highest quality, each client that we’ve delivered these signs to has the same things to say – and then some!

Leanne M GoddardLeanne M GoddardSummit FMSummit FM

A little history on Selkirk Signs’ Push Thru evolution…

Production started to experiment with them in 2013 when a request came to us from one of our corporate clients. We produced for them, but wanted to explore the Push Thru further. In 2014 we purchased our new AXYZ router, and perfection was achieved! The edge clarity was brilliant and for these reasons and more – we boast the quality and sophistication of the Push Thru to this day.

Interior or exterior, these signs look great in all applications. The quality of these signs only becomes more impressive the closer you get to them. We have mounted push thru signage at eye level and also far overhead, they are drawing at either distance.

To find more photos of this sign type, visit our product section of our website here.

Contact one of our Project Managers today to get your dream in motion! We look forward to working with you.
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More than Presentation

What’s Behind the Sign

We’re often asked to look past what is seen on the outside, to appreciate the work and the dedication it’s taken to get something to its final point. This concept­ applies to signage as well!

If you’ve purchased signage for your business, you are aware of the steps taken in between request and delivery. If you haven’t yet purchased a sign but have been overwhelmed by the steps needed to get your sign on your building… We’re here to help.

Custom sign


Let’s look at some frequent steps of purchasing a sign.

  1. Creating an established vision/brand for your business.
    If your business is fresh to the market, or you want a re-work to your logo – Selkirk Signs has a talented team of designers to aid in the creation or continued appearance of your brand.
  2. Investigation of desire.
    What kind of sign are you looking for? Will it be indoors, or outdoors? How about illumination? Our Project Management and Sales teams will ask you these questions and many more to help determine what kind of sign is best for you, your business, and your budget.
  3. We come to your business.
    Upon your interest in working with us, we will survey your desired sign location. These include but are not limited to – building fronts, building interiors or blueprints for future development, etc. We will collect photos, current electrical information, and accurate dimensions of usable space.
  4. Sign education!
    Once we’ve figured out what you’re looking for we will help you understand what we have recommended. Explain how your sign will work, what materials it will be made of, and why this sign will be most beneficial to your business.
  5. Accurate rendition of final outcome.
    Our creative design department now takes all of this information to produce artwork for both production and final visual estimate.
  6. You approve!
    Sign looks great, it works for the building/business and its completion will be within your budget! Our Project Managers have ensured you that this sign will be approved by your city of residence, they’ve guaranteed that it will be CSA Approved, and most importantly – that YOU will be thrilled with your new sign.
  7. Manufacturing from beginning to end.
    We produce our signs in-house to achieve the highest grade of quality we can offer. Your sign will be built and tested within our walls and we stand behind our work with pride.
  8. Install and service.
    Our job isn’t done yet! Once your sign is completed we offer to install it for you. This is anything from a 30’ high freestanding sign, complex direct mount channel letters and all the way to window graphics for your truck or storefront. Visit our Service page to learn more and for contact information.

To quote our local sales manager:

We will investigate each customer case to ensure every sign we sell is a perfect fit for their needs.

Jeana McDonald


CSA Certified
Trust assured that any signage
produced and installed by us
has met the highest standards
for safety & performance.


Contact one of our Project Managers today to get your dream in motion! We look forward to working with you.
Give us a call at 1-866-426-8131, request a quote, or come in and say hi!

Integral Quality

Quality, a simple concept that often wavers with opinion. So what is good quality? What makes it integral to our customer’s satisfaction? We’d like to start by saying our standard of quality is not just good, it’s top notch! Cream of the crop! The best and brightest… We can go on.

Channel Letter Detail Quality

Our customer satisfaction means everything to us. It’s what fuels our Sales, Management, Design and Production teams to work with care. Selkirk Signs has a hawk eye in our industry. We are constantly on the lookout for improved products, materials, and effective ways to bring our customers the best quality sign. See our gallery of capability here.

What matters most is product performance. We ensure that what we sell, build and install has been quality tested and overseen by many compassionate people before it goes into our customer’s hands – or on their walls. The proof is in the details!

Quality Sign Detail

As much as the sign’s appearance displays its quality, components and manufacturing process that go into each sign also detail the beauty of our work. We’ll save that for another behind the scenes post. If you are itching to see a little more detail and missed our Print & Graphics behind the scenes… click here!

Quality Manufacturing Quality Manufacturing

We understand that signage is a vital part of your business identity, and a great deal of your success is dependent on your visual identity! It’s the first thing that your customers will see, and form a judgment on. Is your sign displaying the pride your company offers?

Trust us at Selkirk Signs to provide top notch quality signs for your business.
Call us for free: 1-866-426-8131 or request a quote anytime. We’d love to hear from you!

Service With a Smile

Next to our shop trucks, our service and install staff are made to face the elements most often. They are still out there constructing and installing signs in these frigid temperatures. How do they not shiver themselves off a ladder? We spoke to a few of our staff who are out in the field to hear about their side of the coin. Grab yourself a hot beverage, this blog is about to get cold.
We’ve been given some advice about winter, and working in it. First and foremost we’re told “the best way to acclimate is to ignore the cold as much as possible.” This comes from a man who’s been employed in the signage industry since 1981. He, and the other installers go on to express the importance of layering up. This isn’t in number of layers – because being nimble while shaped like the Michelin man doesn’t really work… But layers in quality are best to balance hot and cold. “Once you start sweating you’re pretty much done.” It sounds like a complicated balance, but it seems our installers have found what works and can get the job done shiver-free! LED Winter InstallWinter sign install Apart from our actual staff surviving the cold, how about our products? Our experts have a few words to share in this instance as well. Most sign faces are made of plastic, and if anyone has been in a fender bender in the winter – you would know that the cold makes plastic very brittle! Our service and install staff also know this point and ensure that delicacy is their highest focus. Polycarbonate is what Selkirk Signs use most often with pylon and building sign faces. Its durability in all elements is greater than other alternatives like plexiglass and acrylic. The quality of the internals of an illuminated sign is also very important. By this we are speaking of illumination: Fluorescent vs LED. It is nearly a losing argument to be on the side of fluorescent illumination. While the initial cost of fluorescent illumination is appealing, the longevity and durability of LEDs will beat any fluorescent, any day. One of our service and install staff had this to say:
“LEDs are not affected in any way by the cold weather. They stay bright and crisp. Fluorescents do not like the cold at all. If the customer leaves the sign on during the cold spells fluorescents normally stay reasonably bright, approximately 50 to 60% of normal. When turned off overnight however that brightness drops to about 25 to 30%. This is most noticeable when the temps drop below -20 C.”
Sign Install
In closing, we’d like to invite you to consider the durability of your sign, and to assess the team installing yours. We’ve got decades of experience behind what we do and how we do it. Trust us to provide the most quality product and care in the industry. Contact our Service Department directly, or as always: Give us a call at 1-866-426-8131, request a quote, or come in and say hi!

Evolution of Signage

Since the beginning of human history, people have been trying to decipher signs. Whether it be in the stars, in tarot cards, or on a busy street driving at rapid speeds. How did we get from painting and carving wood, to a digital bombardment of flashy LEDs? Let us briefly explore the evolution of signage. We’ll go back to a time where signs were introduced to differentiate people practicing the same trade. With the help of painting, woodworking, and blacksmiths – We have the creation of storefront signage! And as humans: The bigger the better theory became rampant. This created a huge problem for their narrow streets. pun intended. But hey, there was no confusion of where to go and what service you’d receive. Size and intricacy are what made signs recognizable both then, and now.
Begining of Evolution
Printing EvolutionThen the Printing Revolution made signs more attainable through the first printing press! This invention made both books and signage available to people who otherwise wouldn’t have the opportunity. The cost was dramatically decreased and every tradesman could have a sign of their very own.
More human nature was at work, and the “what else can we do to get people’s attention?” question was asked by many. Then at long last we have light! The creation of neon, fluorescent tubing, and LEDs made signs very close to where we are today. We still use many forms of illumination, some examples are below. Illumination

Now we see ourselves in a day where static signage, no matter how creative & large – can still be at a second glance next to an electronic message center. Have a look below…
EMC Evolution
Did you notice the Marriott Hotel signage? …neither did we. They have an awning, a double sided flag mount sign, AND a set of channel letters. Maybe they should have purchased an EMC instead. Intrigued? Pop by our EMC page to get more details on where signage evolution can take you. As always: Give us a call: 1-866-426-8131 or request a quote any time.

Safety is a Culture

In our ever changing world, embracing culture is critical. Whether it be a new country or a new workplace – we are offered the opportunity to adjust to a new way of thinking. Selkirk has created a lot of change over the last number of years, and we’ve introduced a strong culture of our own. We’d like to shine some light on one area in particular that really makes us stand out. Safety is a very high priority for us, and we don’t say that lightly! We go above the standards that are required, and our staff have traveled outside of the province to attain certificates that are not offered in BC. We’ve also acquired certificates in first aid, fall arrest, and operational certificates for our equipment. This allows us to hold our heads high knowing we have some of the most quality-trained staff in the business.
Safety Install
In addition to the above mentioned credentials, our Alberta office has attained a COR [Certificate of Recognition]. This certificate is proof that we as a company are welcoming safety into our work lifestyle. It is built of absolute diligence in maintaining the safety of our environment, practices, equipment and most importantly our people and customers. It is acquired only through the highest level of standards. This is above WCB and provincial requirements. As a company we take on this safety culture like each one of us is awarded a prize for our commitment. It is important to have our employees feel like they have a hand in making this company great, because they do! The pride of that feeling exudes from our buildings and into each sign we install. Not only is safety a benefit for the people of Selkirk Signs, but to our customers as well. Whether your project is large, or small: Be confident when working with us. You’re in trusted hands! As always: Give us a call at 1-866-426-8131, request a quote, or come in and say hi!

Behind the Scenes: Print & Graphics

vinyl rolls
How it’s made… We all can see the beauty and complexity of the finished product, but seldom do we know how it all works. Signage is often like this. Each sign goes through many stages and is touched by a number of professionals along the way. This blog, we would like to feature our print and graphics department, and give you a little insiders look of how we do it! Before getting into the current technology, we’d like to take you on a little trip to the past. Where long before graphic design software, vinyl, and high tech cutting equipment – there were people called Sign Painters. Sign painting is literally that: Hand painting on buildings, billboards, vehicles and more. The same outcome that we use precise cut vinyl and prints for today. Sign painting was a learned craft with a long history. Artisans would gain the title of Sign Painter through apprenticeship, but many were self-taught. This art has nearly been put to rest, but we tip our hats to those who painstakingly hand-lettered signs for many years. We will continue to apply our graphics with only a few ounces of pressure and a very brief timeline… Not that we’re bragging!
Now here we are in 2016 with technologies, art diplomas, and a plethora of different medias and materials to keep up to both demanding weather and design requests!  Our graphics department has proven time and time again that the capabilities of their skills know no bounds! We’ve applied to plastics of all kinds and thicknesses, interior and exterior windows, vehicles of all makes and models, and even things like sea-cans and snowmobile panels. What makes our team so great is their technique, patience, and of course skill. Below are captioned photos of a few of our common processes and the operating equipment  that we use to make it all happen.
Wide Format Printing

Wide Format Printing: Colour match > Print > Laminate

Vinyl Graphics

Vinyl Cutting: Computer generated designs are sent to, and precisely cut out by, a ‘plotter’ Pieces are then removed by hand through a process known as ‘weeding’

Rolls Roller

Flatbed Application: Applying sheet sized graphics with consistent rolled pressure

Manual Application

Manual Application: Applying sheet sized graphics with water and pressure by hand

What’s more to our process, and the largest factor to our success, is our people! They are some of the most personable and driven folks we could ask for. Come by and meet the team, or if you see them out in town give them a high five! Chances are, you’ve walked into a business that these people have had part in.
Our graphics and print team

Our graphics and print team

As always – If you like what you see, or if we’ve inspired you to work with us: Give us a call 1-866-426-8131 or request a quote any time.

Complete Channel Letter Experience

We’ve had a number of teaser education posts over the last couple of months. Most often about Channel Letters, but what if we told you we still haven’t let you in on all there is to know? Call it a buildup of anticipation… Leading to the reveal of a brochure. A document. A mind blowing hub of information! …Ok maybe we got a little carried away, but it is packed with EVERYTHING there is to know about Channel Letters. Trust that we don’t say that lightly, you’ll find our companies capabilities, colour specifications, vivid photos, 3D renders… The list goes on. So, what are you waiting for? This brochure has answers to every question you ever fathomed, and maybe even some you didn’t. Be consumed by 14 pages of its beauty, and become one of few businesses that are aware of the full strength and power of Channel Letters. Click below to be engulfed in the realm of signage education. click here

Expanding the Possibilities

We understand that choosing a sign for your business can be daunting. With so many options, terms, applications and installation methods… Where do you start? With questions of course! While trying to stay modest, we proudly say that we can answer all those questions for you. We are experts in our industry, offering all our clients sign education and even a tour if you’d like to get close and personal into our world. Come by or call any time and speak with our sales team about signage. With speak of open education – we’ve taught you a bit about Channel Letters in previous blogs, and we’d like to focus this one on a very different signage type: Molded faces. These dimension-pushing signs offer incredible depth and shape compared to a traditional flat face. They start with a wood mold and through a process called Thermoforming, heat is applied to the once flat plastic face to take on the shape of the mold.
Mold Process
Selkirk Signs has a molding oven in house. It has its own space in our back shop and is in fact the largest in Western Canada. To give you a sense of scale, it is capable of producing sign faces at a tremendous 8′ by 10′. We’ve created molded signs up to 7 layers deep! If you want to see some of these molded faces in real application – Certain gas station and convenience store faces are molded. Take notice next time you grab a slushy or fuel up! We can create a mold of any custom shape to fit your business. We provide the forming process and the colour application… Your job is kept within our walls and we are with you for support through the entire process. Below is Runners RV here in Cranbrook BC. Like what you see? Give us a call 1-866-426-8131 or request a quote.
Molded pylon face

Molded pylon face

Mold detail

Mold detail


Our Guarantee

Our company is one of a kind. We strive for greatness and our employees are built of it. Selkirk Signs is a family, a team! Every project comes to fruition through each department and is made possible by YOU, our clients. We want to thank you for working with us, and if you haven’t had the chance to do so yet, let us give you some insight into the world that we live and work in… Service & Install
When a project is completed with care and pride, it shows through in the details. It shows through in our employees and how high their heads are held. We want to see this pride carry through to our clients who love their signs! As a company, we strive to give our clients a clear idea of what they are getting when they do business with Selkirk Signs. When a new sign is purchased through us, we protect you with warranty on the first year for the parts and install provided. This means all new components only. In addition to the one year parts and labor, we offer a whopping FIVE YEAR parts only warranty on LED lighting and power supplies. Which adds tremendously to the reward of swapping your sign to LED illumination today.  
To leave you with a few final pride feathers… We want to share some more reasons for investing with us. Jeana McDonald Our working relationship with you promises: • Consistent High Quality • Timely & Reliable Delivery • Fast Turn Around Times • Products Built to Last • Excellent Customer Service CSA Certified Trust assured that any signage produced and installed by us has met the highest standards for safety & performance.   Contact one of our Project Managers today to get your dream in motion! We look forward to working with you. Give us a call at 1-866-426-8131, request a quote, or come in and say hi!