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Meet Selkirk Signs at BUILDEX Calgary

buildex calgary


Join over 4,000 industry professionals for 2 full days of professional development seminars, networking opportunities and more. Meet Selkirk Signs here and discover hundreds of products or services for your business all under one roof!


Selkirk Signs is attending this event! Come see us at booth #631

floor plan


This is Calgary’s largest seminar program for those in the building and real estate industry. Featuring over 50 speakers and more than 40 credit-approved educational seminars. An hour in a seminar could save you days or even weeks of research or future problem solving.


Learn about innovative products, materials, technologies and services in over 100 different categories. Featuring the entire spectrum of building design, construction, renovation and management. This show has something for everyone!

Finish off Day 1 with us at the Industry Reception!

Wednesday, November 8
4:00 pm – 5:00 pm

A favorite among exhibitors and delegates, the annual Industry Reception takes place in the Conference area foyer at the end of Day 1. We look forward to learning more about you during this social event!


Apart from visiting our friendly Selkirk staff, we’ll also be giving away one of these stylish backpacks each day! So come on down and learn about what professional signage can do for you.

Click the backpack and register for FREE tradeshow access!

 backpack giveaway

We look forward to meeting you, and hearing about your business!
If you have any questions before the show – Give us a call at 1-866-426-8131
or visit us at

Employees Shared in Company Success

The owners of Selkirk Signs have always worked to inspire care and pride in the workplace.

With that – we’ve grown into a ‘we’ company, and house the words family and passion in these Selkirk walls.
Our evolution as a company continues, and our expansion of offices and devoted employees has brought on many opportunities. One that we are most excited to announce is an Employee Share Ownership Plan, better known as ESOP.

ESOP Celebration

Head office celebrating the initial sale of company shares

This allows every full time employee the gracious chance to financially involve themselves in the company’s success. Paired with an organizational philosophy called Ownership Thinking, we’re putting our best feet forward and driving this company to stand toe to toe with other industry leaders. PCL Construction and WestJet are a few Canadian companies that have switched over to employee ownership models.

This success plan not only benefits the employees, but also the owners. By instilling ESOP and Ownership Thinking, they can be confident in knowing the legacy of their company will be carried on proudly.

“I found that the ESOP concept was one of the most natural ways of succession planning because everybody wins. The employees, company, and owners alike.” – Hans Mehrle, President

ESOP Celebration

We at Selkirk Signs are very excited about this continued evolution, and hope we can inspire forward momentum both inside and outside of these walls! Expect 2017 to be a ground-breaking year, and look forward to the positive impact ESOP will have on both employees and customers. To read our full press release, click here: ESOP

Or reach out to us at any time: 1-866-426-8131

Selkirk Headed to International Sign Expo

Sean Hart named to Sign, Graphics and Visual Communications Industry Program for Emerging Leaders

ISA Elite program to recognize young talent

ALEXANDRIA, VA – March 15, 2017 SEAN HART, PROJECT MANAGER AT SELKIRK SIGNS, has been named to the ISA Elite program, recognizing the next generation of sign, graphics and visual communications industry leaders. Sean was among 34 young professionals chosen for the program, which sponsors the winners to attend ISA International Sign Expo in Las Vegas including special networking events, education and, of course, its sold-out trade show.

The event is sponsored by the International Sign Association, the industry’s leading trade and advocacy association.

Project Manager Selkirk SignsSean has worked in the sign industry for 6 years, all of which have been spent at Selkirk Signs, here in Cranbrook BC.
Asking Sean what he enjoys most about the sign industry, he had the following to say:

I love the fact we help our clients succeed in the marketplace. Visual communications and branding is our clients first opportunity to put their best foot forward. I also value the personal side of the industry. The relationships built with clients, co-workers and partners.

Sean balances his driven work ethic with a cozy Kootenay life. He loves to spend time with his family, the guys on the golf course, and hunting for deep snow in our endless mountain-scape.

“Our industry is dynamic in both the products that we create and the people who choose to make it a profession,” said Lori Anderson, ISA president and CEO. “The next generation of leaders, like Sean, have proven that they bring much-needed skills to help our industry build stronger businesses and communities through our products.”

The ISA Elite program, now in its third year, includes three nights’ hotel accommodation and free entry to all education sessions at ISA International Sign Expo 2017, the sign, graphics and visual communications industry’s leading event. It also includes unique networking opportunities with fellow professionals and industry leaders. A two-day follow-up leadership retreat will be held in the fall.

ISA International Sign Expo takes place April 19-22 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

Selkirk Signs will be attending the Expo! To keep up with us as we make our way through this great event, follow us on twitter, facebook, or instagram












About ISA
The International Sign Association (ISA) represents manufacturers, suppliers, and users of on-premise signs and sign products from the United States and 60 countries around the world. ISA and its Affiliated Associations work to support, promote, and improve the worldwide sign and visual communications industry, which employs more than 200,000 American workers and has an economic impact of $37.5 billion.

About ISA International Sign Expo
ISA International Sign Expo is the on-premise sign and graphics industry’s largest expo. Held each spring, the event features the latest products that showcase the breadth of the industry along with education and networking events. The event has been named to the Trade Show News Network’s List of Top 250 Trade Shows and ranked in the Top 100 Largest Events by Trade Show Executive three consecutive years. Learn more at

Expanding Our Alberta Reach

New Location

Selkirk Signs Set to Open Second Alberta Location

Selkirk Signs is thrilled to announce that it’s setting up a third location in the Greater Edmonton area.
Selkirk has made an asset purchase of Advantage Signs in Fort Saskatchewan and is ready
to begin offering its full breadth of high-quality sign products to the Northern Alberta market.
Consumers can now take advantage of the same exceptional products and services that Selkirk’s
existing customers have come to know and trust.

Additionally, Selkirk Signs is proudly retaining all of Advantage Signs’ current employees and
bringing them into the Selkirk family. Doing so keeps the local perspective and knowledge within
the company and helps ensure that no job loss is experienced. Selkirk is also enthusiastic about
incorporating the existing staff’s knowledge into its already extensive portfolio.

Edmonton and area customers will benefit from Selkirk Sign’s professional expertise and proven
industry leadership as a one-stop sign shop. The company offers everything from project
management and graphic design services to manufacturing and maintenance programs. Selkirk
Signs first gained a foothold in the sign industry when it opened its doors in Cranbrook, BC in
1984 and then expanded to a second location in Calgary, AB in 2003.

Although Selkirk Signs is based in Western Canada, it has customers from coast-to-coast ranging
from local businesses to large corporations. The company is known for implementing the highest
of quality standards while delivering excellent customer service. Focusing on innovative
employee empowerment and engagement initiatives helps the company achieve those goals.

President Hans Mehrle said,

“We’re incredibly excited to bring the Selkirk Signs experience to
customers in the Edmonton, Fort Saskatchewan, and surrounding areas. We’re confident that
customers will be delighted when they give us a call and discover all that Selkirk can do for

For more information, contact:
Kris Reimer
General Manager, AB

Or feel free to message us through our contact page: here

New Year, Same Promise

For most of us, January means goals: A strong determination put forth to make change. So how do we stay consistent and make that change permanent? Let Selkirk Signs inspire you.

Our Senior Leadership Team have always had big goals for this company. They will continue to be successful in these goals because they invite every person within these walls to support them. That’s when goals have their most force, and we are strongest when we stand together. Selkirk has always valued its employees, they always have opportunity to voice their opinions. Why is this valuable? It takes every piece of the puzzle to make a picture.

So what does that mean for you, our customer? You are why we are here, and gaining your satisfaction is our greatest asset. Signage purchased from us will be the first thing your customers see. We will make sure your sign displays the quality your company offers. In turn, it does the same for us!
Have a look at our products page to see what we can do for you!

channel letters, custom, innovation, goals

Over the last number of years we at Selkirk Signs have gone through countless improvements, but our goal has remained the same. Innovation, Quality, Customer Service… These are just a few words fueling us forward. Our head office has been brought to life inside and out with renovations. Our web presence matches the quality of our work. Most importantly, our employees are empowered. We all are here representing care and pride, and it shows through in the details.

channel letters, custom, innovation, goals, detail, closeup

This is a local success story about a company who is not hindered by obstacles, it is encouraged.
We make a promise in our triumph that we will continue to research the newest and best equipment, material, and processes to serve you at the absolute highest degree. Here’s to another great year!

“Together we can achieve standards that others can only dream of.” – Hans Mehrle

Like what you hear? Come be a part of our dream! Give us a call 1-866-426-8131 or request a quote.

Coolness Competition

2016 coolness competition WSA   We’ve attained quite a monumental achievement here at Selkirk Signs. For all of us employees who grew up studying to be disciples of cool… We finally made it. The Coolness Competition is a collection of the best signs entered by members of the World Sign Associates. We submitted a few of our best and brightest signs and took home SECOND PLACE! The categories varied by sign types, our award winning sign was in the category: Freestanding less than 100ft. See below for our entry.
2016 award
We walked away with so much more than just an award. This project was a brilliant display of our team here at Selkirk Signs, and showed all of the strengths we have within our company. We have great designers with curious minds, and the ability to persevere through complications along the way. We speak specifically today of Keith Brandt. He is our one man think tank in the Calgary office. Paired with our salesman Larry Jackson – their commitment to this companies innovation is bar none.
team with award

Larry [left] and Keith [right] standing proudly with our award

Included with these two men, we have a full company’s worth of brains to call on. Which leaves us with a very strong sense of pride to see what we can accomplish with all hands on deck. Every department played an important part in the creation of this sign. From drafting, to management, the full spectrum of production, install crews… the list is long and the gratitude is massive. WE ARE SELKIRK SIGNS!
Award winning pylon

Have a big idea but aren’t sure where to start? We’d love to hear from you Give us a call at 1-866-426-8131, request a quote, or come in and say hi!

Presentation is Everything

Signage is a vital part of your business identity, and a great deal of your success is dependent on the physical appearance of your building front. It’s the first thing that your customers will see, and form a judgment on. Is your sign displaying the quality your company offers?
You’ve put confidence in your signage to uphold your brand and are entrusting your hard earned dollars in a product to do so. We’re here to provide you with the help and know-how to be sure that it lasts. Sign maintenance and frequent servicing are imperative to your sign withstanding the elements. If managed properly and effectively, sign servicing can deliver benefits of quality performance and even extend the life of your sign. Trust us when we say: effective sign maintenance can also save you money!
In many aspects of life, we find ourselves torn between: ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ and ‘Prevention is better than a cure’. The same is true when it comes to sign maintenance. Do you wait until signs fail? Causing potential revenue loss when your customers can’t see your sign proudly lit. Or, do you plan for consistent success? Ensuring that all signage components are as reliable as possible, maintaining your brand image and integrity. With autumn on our heels and winter soon to come – We are welcomed with darker mornings and light fading sooner in the evenings. Is your sign lighting up at the beginning and end of your days? Contact our Service Department today to make sure you’re putting your best foot forward into the coming season. We provide honest and quality service for exterior and interior signs of any size and complexity. We are your signage professionals! We look forward to working with you. Give us a call at 1-866-426-8131, request a quote, or come in and say hi!
Our Building

Selkirk in the news!

Selkirk Signs was recently chosen by the Cranbrook Chamber of Commerce to be this months featured business in the Townsman, Cranbrook’s daily newspaper.
Selkirk Signs Chamber of Commerce Featured Business

Selkirk Signs President Hans Mehrle (right) with employees in the Channel Letters Department— Image Credit: Barry Coulter

The full article can be found here.

Considering a Channel Letter sign?

Considering signage for your new or existing business?  Want something eye catching? Customizable? Bright and exciting? How about all three? We’re in the business of making a statement and creating signage to make you stand out. Selkirk Signs has so many choices to offer you, and Channel Letters are some we are most excited about. In this post, we will explain why they are so great.
Tenth Street Landing-8918

Channel Letters installed directly on a building

Channel Letters are very popular with our customers. They are alluring and elegant, bold and vivid, energy efficient and as versatile as your imagination will allow. These signs are worth seeing in person, and it’s likely that you’ve entered a business or two that has Channel Letters on their building. Want to learn more? One of our Sales Representatives would be happy to meet with you and show you some samples. They can also direct you to surrounding businesses where you can take a look at Channel Letters in action.
Crown Paint channel letters

Channel Letters and Channel Shape installed on a raceway

When we add up the benefits of Channel Letter signage, the list is long. Having a durable, long lasting and low maintenance sign that provides excellent 24 hour visibility is important. a Channel Letter sign is your answer! We’re here for you to request a quote or answer your questions anytime at 1-866-426-8131.


Don’t let the colour of your building determine the colour of your sign. If you have a light coloured building, we get it, you want a dark colour sign so it stands out. What happens when the sun goes down and it becomes dark though? Dark colours, even when light is added, don’t stand out very well, especially to traffic zooming by. Wouldn’t it be nice to have your sign WHITE so it becomes visible? That is impossible you may say ! Not at Selkirk Signs. We have perforated vinyls available that will successfully portray two very different looks. When the sun is up and it is light outside, all you see is the colour of the vinyl you chose. More often than not, people choose black. However, come nighttime when the LEDs in your letters are illuminated, the vinyl on the face of your letters disappears and all you will see is the white light! Magic! This Ritchie Bros. channel letter sign that we recently completed is a great example. So, keep this vinyl in mind when planning for your next sign. We don’t believe in magicians not revealing their secrets, so give us a call and we would be happy to dicuss this magic vinyl with you more! Contact us night vinyl

Your sign and the colours

At Selkirk Signs, we take pride in assisting you to elevate your brand. Over the years, we have witnessed some confusion around signage, most of the uncertainty is how companies build that “emotional” bond with their sign through the use of colour psychology. Do you want to intentionally build new connections with your audience? Let us show you how. Recent colour psychologystudies have shown that primary colours on a sign extract emotions with the readers, especially when it is effectively linked with a conscious message. Have a think about this for a second. Your friendly local doctor, usually enters the room wearing a white or blue garment, this is because it conveys to us a certain message. Now imagine if they walked in wearing prison orange clothing. It may become a challenge to be taken seriously and to be perceived as someone who is there to help you. Well, this same colour psychology, should be applied when considering your advertising. Think about the impact you are trying to have when you are constructing your advertisements. Do you want to be the friendly family doctor or the prisoner wearing an orange jumpsuit? Have we confused you more now and left you wondering what colours I should be using? Here are some positive ways to add bursts of colour to your campaigns.   DRAW ATTENTION Even though these colours may conflict with your brand colour scheme, red and orange have been known to stand out, red more so as people identify this colour with a stop sign. Now you have the readers attention, ensure you have content that will create a call to action. We will give you more info about content creation in another article soon to be released.   BUILD CONNECTIONS  Want to be trusted? Blue Want to be considered optimistic? Yellow will help you here. Talking growth and health? Green is the way to go If you are not sure, a balanced calm message may be best, and we would suggest using a shade of grey to keep it neutral.   Contact our Digital Sign Specialists today to talk all things colour. See more about sign designs here.

Considering an Outdoor Digital Sign?

Have you ever driven by an outdoor digital sign and thought to yourself, I wonder how affordable those are? At Selkirk Signs, we are here to answer those questions for you. What we can tell you right now is with the advancement of technology, this effective advertising method is more NORTHHILL PYLONaffordable than you may think. If you are interested in doing some of your own research, you will quickly discover why smart  business owners are investing in a Selkirk Signs Digital Board as they know that their initial investment will increase sales while saving them money. If any of the following points resonates with you as something you believe your business may benefit from, now is the right time to think about purchasing your LED Sign Board from Selkirk Signs.
  1. I would really like to increase revenue
  2. I want to be able to improve awareness of my products/services
  3. My marketing needs to be more efficient and effective
  4. When I need to hire staff, it always takes so long to find the right person
  5. I want new clients and I want to keep my current clients happy
Now you know a few reasons on how a digital sign can help your business, it is time to take advantage of the most exciting, impactful and affordable advertising tool available to you. See more at: